Best Beaches in Sicily near Donnalucata

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Scicli, a charming town on the Sicilian south coast, is an enchanting destination renowned for its golden sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant local culture. Nestled on the island’s southern shore, Scicli boasts some of the best beaches in Sicily, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and tranquility. This article aims to guide you through the most beautiful beaches near Scicli, helping you discover the hidden gems of the Sicilian south coast.

When it comes to coastal paradises, Scicli stands out as a true gem. Located in the southern part of Sicily, this town offers the best beaches, awe-inspiring landscapes, and a vibrant local culture. Scicli is a paradise for beach lovers, with its pristine golden sandy beaches stretching along the azure Mediterranean Sea. Each beach near Scicli has its own charm and allure, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a memorable beach getaway.

Spiaggia di Sampieri

Sampieri: One of the best beaches in sicily

One of the most captivating beaches near Scicli is Spiaggia di Sampieri. Just a short drive away, this beach is a true testament to Sicily’s natural beauty. As you step onto the soft sand, you’ll be greeted by the mesmerizing view of the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach is backed by the fascinating Fornace Penna, an abandoned brickworks that adds a touch of historical intrigue to the location.

Spiaggia di Sampieri offers a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable beach day. You can relax on sun loungers, seek shade under umbrellas, and grab refreshing drinks from beach bars. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, take a refreshing swim in the sea, or explore the local area, there’s something for everyone at Spiaggia di Sampieri.

Here are some additional highlights and activities you can enjoy at Spiaggia di Sampieri:

  • Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of the beach.
  • Explore the nearby abandoned brickworks, Fornace Penna, and learn about the intriguing history of the area.
  • Indulge in delicious seafood dishes at the beachfront restaurants, savoring the flavors of Sicilian cuisine.
  • Engage in beach sports such as beach volleyball or build sandcastles with your family for a fun-filled day.

Spiaggia di Donnalucata: Among the Best Beaches to relax

Donnalucata : Villa Dalya near one of the best beaches in the south coast

Another hidden gem near Scicli is the stunning beach of Donnalucata. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, this beach offers a tranquil escape from the busy city life. As you step onto the soft sand, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the beach and the soothing sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

Donnalucata beach is well-equipped with facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, and restaurants, making it a favorite among families. You can relax under the shade of an umbrella, enjoy a delicious meal at a beachfront restaurant, or simply take a leisurely stroll along the promenade.

Here are some additional highlights and activities you can enjoy at Spiaggia di Donnalucata:

  • Visit the charming fishing port nearby and witness the vibrant fishing culture of the area.
  • Explore the bustling fish market and get a taste of the freshest seafood caught by local fishermen.
  • Try your hand at various water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing, or paddleboarding for an adventurous day at the beach.
  • Enjoy a romantic sunset walk along the beach with your loved one, taking in the beauty of the surroundings.

Spiaggia di Playa Carratois

For those seeking a hidden paradise near Scicli, Playa Carratois is a must-visit destination. This little-known gem showcases the untouched beauty of Sicily, with its pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters. As you step onto the beach, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a dreamlike setting, surrounded by nature’s wonders.

Playa Carratois is not only ideal for sunbathing and swimming but also offers unique features that enhance its appeal. The shallow waters and nearby reefs provide excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving, allowing you to explore the vibrant marine life beneath the surface.

In addition to its natural beauty, Playa Carratois also offers a variety of facilities to enhance your beach experience. You can indulge in delicious meals at the beachfront restaurant, unwind with a refreshing drink at the bar, or simply relax on the beach and soak up the tranquil atmosphere. After a day at the beach, you can explore the nearby town of Portopalo di Capo Passero, known for its charming streets and rich history.

Spiaggia di Cava d’Aliga: One of the best beaches in Sicily

Located near Scicli, Cava d’Aliga beach offers a serene atmosphere and scenic beauty that will leave you enchanted. This beach is known for its calm waters and golden sand, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and tranquility. As you soak up the sun and feel the soft sand beneath your feet, you’ll find yourself in a state of pure bliss.

Cava d’Aliga beach provides a range of facilities to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. You can unwind on sun loungers, grab a refreshing drink from the beach bars, or satisfy your taste buds with delicious meals at nearby restaurants. Additionally, the beach offers various activities such as beach volleyball and windsurfing, allowing you to have an active and thrilling day by the sea.

After a day of sun and sand, you can further explore the charming town of Scicli. This town is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant local culture. You can wander through its narrow streets, admire the Baroque buildings, and indulge in the local cuisine at the quaint restaurants scattered throughout the town.


From the pristine sands of Playa Carratois to the lively atmosphere of Donnalucata, the beaches near Scicli offer a unique blend of beauty, history, and culture. Each beach has its own distinct charm, promising an unforgettable experience on the Sicilian south coast. So, pack your beach bag and set off on a journey to discover these stunning beaches on your next trip to Scicli.

Picture of Giovanni Di Benedetto

Giovanni Di Benedetto

My name is Giovanni, and I am a doctor who has always lived in the city, constantly immersed in the daily chaos. Everything changed in 2007 when I discovered Donnalucata, a small gem on the Sicilian coast. I instantly fell in love with the relaxation that prevailed there and the breathtaking landscape.

Donnalucata has become my escape, my refuge from the frenzy of everyday life. A place where I can spend precious moments with my family, which is challenging given my demanding job. So, I made the decision to build Villa Dalya, a place where everyone can experience the same relaxation and serenity that I found in this corner of paradise.

The villa is my dream come true, a place to share the beauty of Donnalucata with anyone seeking a break from routine. Imagine relaxing by the pool, gazing at the sea stretching to the horizon. That's the kind of experience I aim to offer to my guests.